About Us

Hi there my name is Jon Agalliu, I am the CEO and founder of Altura 10 Scaffolding Ltd.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about our history and how we have come to be one of London’s premium scaffolding companies.

Originally from Albania, I grew up in a small town in the south, times were tough in the country and I started working from the young age of 11, selling in the marketplace and delivering milk to our neighbours to earn some money. I quickly discovered I was onto a good thing and had an eye for business when other kids in the neighbourhood started copying me. As I got little older my hunger for a bigger and better future led me to leave home at the age of 15, emigrating to Greece and eventually in time finding my way to the UK at the age of 19.

My determination and self – belief in creating a successful business one day led me to pursue a job in the scaffolding industry. The labour was tough and almost crippling at first but as a young guy I remained optimistic (it did after all save me lots of money in gym memberships). However, in no time I started to realise that there was a lot lacking in the industry in terms of customer service, customer care and not to mention (and most importantly) quality control and safety!

I had a light bulb moment and decided that I had an opportunity to provide an important service within the building industry.  In 2008 I undertook training and became a qualified scaffold safety inspector and built a company based on high respect for safety, quality and trust. I have carefully selected my teams to include scaffolders who show genuine respect in the work they do and who pride themselves in conquering difficult jobs, while I myself take pride in the fact that all my customers receive a job that they are impressed with.

At Altura 10 Scaffolding, we are a company built on integrity and we show real respect and appreciation for our clients who can always be confident that we are here to help and provide a reliable, consistent and above all professional service.

If you are looking for a scaffolding company to assist you with your projects, then please feel free to get in contact with us via the details below.

Kindest Regards

Jon Agalliu

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(Office Hours) Tel: 0800 999 3310
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